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November Character Attribute is FAIRNESS.

I will treat others in a just, equitable and unbiased manner.


FAIRNESS is being consistent.

FAIRNESS is listening and being open.

FAIRNESS is being careful making judgments about others.

FAIRNESS is treating people equally and equitably.

FAIRNESS is following procedures.


Play by the rules.

Take turns and share.

Be open-minded and listen to others.

Treat people equally.

Not blame others carelessly.


“Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you”.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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Board of Governors

In 2009, the Board of Governors was established to advise the Foundation on our initiatives, to provide resources, to make connections into their own networks and to aid in our fundraising efforts. Tim Jones was our Chair from 2009-2012 and Steve Hinder is our current Chair.

Our "Leading with Character" Breakfasts learning sessions are opportunities to engage York Region community leaders in good character development.

To view our Board of Governors click here.

2016 Leading with Character Breakfast Learning Series.

Gerard Seijts from the Ivey School of Business.

Thank you to the 50 York Region business leaders who came out to learn more about how to Lead with Character in their own networks.

Read the Metroland Media article on our morning session. To learn more about this LWC Learning Series contact us here.

View our Character 4 Organizations workshops page. Read Kathleen Redmond latest Blog on Creating a Character Culture.

Click on gallery below to see photos taken by Merk Photography - Gerard Seijts and Deputy Chief Crawford our new CCF Chair.

2014 "Leading with Character" Learning Series.

We are delighted to announce our 2014 "Leading with Character" Learning Series.

Dr. Gerard Seijts from the Ivey School of Business returned to discuss his new book – Good Leaders Learn expanding on the Character related work done in his previous book Leadership on Trial.


2013 Southlake Regional Health Centre - Dr Dave Williams

We are honoured to have as our guest speaker Dr. Dave Williams, President and CEO of the Southlake Regional Health Centre.

Canadian astronaut and physician Dr. Dave Williams is the President and CEO of Southlake Regional Heath Centre and Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto.  Prior to joining Southlake, Dr. Williams was the Director of the McMaster Centre for Medical Robotics at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and Professor in the Department of Surgery of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine from 2008 to 2011, and held the position of Chief Medical Officer of Quality and Safety at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton from 2010 to 2011.

Dr. Williams brings to his role at Southlake an innovative and unique perspective on how to improve the overall patient experience.  Applying processes learned through his time at NASA, Dr. Williams believes strongly that the development and marketing of commercialized, innovative solutions—whether it be process solutions, software development or medical device creation—is the key to redefining the healthcare sector and enhancing our economy (full bio following).

Dr. Williams will speak about the Character focused organization that Southlake is known for being and how they integrate this message into the human resources areas and reflect it back to the general public.


2011 Ivey School of Business - Gerard Seijts.

The Board hosted our second “Leading with Character” breakfast on February 3, 2011, at the Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham.

Professor Gerard Seijts, our keynote speaker, was part of a trio of Richard Ivey School of Business professors who hosted a series of round table discussions on the recent credit crisis with over 300 business leaders from Asia, Great Britain, U.S., and Canada.

Their new report, "Leadership on Trial,” supports the fact that great leadership is all about character. Over 80 York Region municipal, educational, business and public sector leaders joined us for the second event in the breakfast series, and took away not only a copy of the report but a better understanding of why character matters.

Link to Ivey report and PPT from event.

As always, our goal is to bring additional awareness of the attributes and the benefits of living with character to the public, business, family, institutional, and sports sectors to augment the tremendous job that has already been done in our York Region education and municipal sectors.

Thank you to our Board of Governors and their commitment to raise awareness within each of their own sectors as well as their ongoing support for the work of the Foundation.

 Board of Governors Chair: Steve Hinder.

An Aurora resident since 1975, Steve's dedication to community goes way back, and with deep roots. His professional life and personal philosophy have melded to produce a much envied, admired, and appreciated community contribution in our town.

Steve began his professional career as an 18-year-old police cadet, believing that anyone who takes up that line of work does so with the betterment of the community in mind. Steve went on to have an exemplary police career, serving in most areas of policing and winning several awards, including the Chief of Police Award in 1991 from the Metropolitan Toronto Police, and the Ontario Crime Control Award of Excellence from the Province of Ontario in 2000. Steve retired from the Toronto Police Service as a Staff Sergeant in 2001 and served on the Ontario Parole and Earned Release Board from 2001 until 2004.

Steve launched his own consulting company, Hinder and Associates, in 2004, and at one point was Head of Security for the Magna Corporate Campus. Steve also managed Belinda Stronach’s Constituency office when Belinda was the MP for Newmarket-Aurora from 2004-2008.

Since 2008, Steve has been the Community Relations Manager for Magna for Community, and coordinates the Neighbourhood Network program.

He is very proud of the work being done at Neighbourhood Network: "Although our core business is connecting volunteers with our partner organizations, we have evolved into a community resource that identifies a need, and then reaches back into our network of resources to identify a way to help the community meet that need."

With his busy work schedule, Steve never ceases to be surprised that he is always able to find as much time as he does for all his altruistic efforts. But he explains it this way:

“I believe if you live in a community, and if you take from the community, it is your responsibility to get involved. If you do, you are clearly the one who comes out on top."