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November Character Attribute is FAIRNESS.

I will treat others in a just, equitable and unbiased manner.


FAIRNESS is being consistent.

FAIRNESS is listening and being open.

FAIRNESS is being careful making judgments about others.

FAIRNESS is treating people equally and equitably.

FAIRNESS is following procedures.


Play by the rules.

Take turns and share.

Be open-minded and listen to others.

Treat people equally.

Not blame others carelessly.


“Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you”.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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2012 Slap Shot

View our Slap Shot "ON ICE" session video in Vaughan.

Summer Institute Camps "ON ICE" Day

This really is too much fun!

That was the response from our team of volunteers after the back to back sessions held yesterday at Chesswood Arena.

We where thrilled to have not only our York Regional Police Community Relations officers out with us again but also the team from Neighbourhood Network who joined us for a group volunteering day.

As well we had several high school students fulfilling some of their Community Service hours and also our diehard Goalies who have been with us every session so far! These two gentleman are true hockey fanatics who are giving back to the sport they love.

The two groups where slightly better skaters than usual so we where able to run some passing and shooting drills with them as well as play a game.

There where also a number of first timers and we even had two young girls who had just come from Korea this week and both did really well on the ice and had a lot of fun learning Canada's national game.

Our two special needs students and their care givers giggled the whole way through the process from the gearing up to their first tentative steps on the ice.

We where so proud of their courage and perserverance to give it a try!

Thanks again to the 20 volunteers who came out because without them we would never get all these kids on the ice and off it safely!

Thanks also to Powerstream for sponsoring this sessions 60 Jerseys for the kids and to Forzani's/Sportchek for donating the sticks for not only this session but also to finish off our next 3 schools in Richmond Hill in the fall!

As well special thanks to York Region as Slap Shot is partially funded by the York Region Community Investment's program.

As well RogersTV came out to tape  a segment for their Community Connections program. Here is the link to that program.

We really appreciate the community support and involvment in our program that has been shown this year.

Please have a look at the fun photo gallery of our day below.



"ON ICE" day in Markham

Two words describe our Markham schools "ON ICE" Slap Shot program....Excitement and Nervousness

After the students got suited in in their hockey gear for the first time I asked them how many of them felt excited, but a little nervous.

Every single hand went up.

We then talked about how the NHL players feel the exact same way before a playoff game, and that those two emotions can be a great combination.

As the students took their first step on the ice, some of them for the first time ever, you could see those two emotions on the faces of not only them but the parents and teachers that were present at yesterday's event.

And to add to the excitement CTV's sports director Lance Brown was there to cover the event for the evening news, does it get any better than that?

Mr. Shepheard has played hockey for over 35 years and has never had television coverage, not bad for their first on ice experience.

The players then headed to the blue lines for the playing of O Canada, just like the pro's do.

The day was filled with falls, and getting back up, first goals, friendship, teamwork and perseverance.

As the students headed to the bus after the game, proudly wearing their new jersey and holding onto their first hockey stick, the smiles on their faces were priceless.

As one student said: "Thanks for giving us the chance to play hockey, and don't forget to watch me on TV tonight".

Slap Shot is partially funded by the York Region Community Investment's program.


"ON ICE" Day- in Vaughan

Another Great Day on the Ice!

"This never gets old"

Those were my words when one of my friends asked me about the "ON ICE" day of the Slap Shot program.

Like the students, I always feel a sense of excitement and nerves when we have the students play hockey on the ice for the first time.

Excitement, because I absolutely LOVE the game of hockey and am eager to share that passion with new players.

Nerves, because there are so many things that have to come together to ensure that the experience is a fun, safe and memorable experience for all.

A partial list of what happens on game day are:

  • The equipment (all 30 bags, some very heavy) need to be transported from storage to the arena (no easy feat)
  • Students need to bring in the permission forms, remember their jerseys, load onto the bus and arrive at the arena.
  • Character Community books the buses,the rink ice time, arrange for a nurse on site and coordinates the volunteers and photographers.
  • Volunteers who help get all the students into full hockey equipment, tie skates, and size helmets.........all in less than 45 minutes.
  • Students must get on the ice, play safely, and have a great time....

But every time, things come together and when you see the smiles and excitement on the students faces, it makes it all worthwhile!

One memory that stands out for me was the students lining up outside the arena, after their session, with their jerseys and new hockey sticks, and excitedly recalling all the action from the on ice experience (just like all hockey players do).

It would bring back memories and a smile to all hockey players to witness this.

Special thanks to

  • Our Volunteers, Principals, teachers... we simply could not do the program without your support and dedication.
  • Stock Transportation
  • The Pavilion
  • York Region Police Community Services
  • Ontario Minor Hockey Association
  • Susanne and Forzani's for being this sessions Hockey stick sponsors.....
  • CDIF at York Region for funding this great community program

All of you brought it all together and made this truly Canadian day happen.

June 22

We did our Pizza wrap up party today. This is where we show the kids the video we had created of their indoor and "On Ice" sessions, hand out Team Slap Shot photo cards and certificates to each of the particpants.

We asked them about their experiences and reflections and are always rewarded with the comments that come back to us.

Best one this session...." The "On Ice" day was the best day of my life so far!"

Doesn't get better than that for us!

Karen Addison, Executive Director