Slap Shot Hockey Program

Slap Shot is an innovative and unique 5-week outdoor hockey and character-development program, free to students in grades 4-6.

Slap Shot provides a fun and inclusive introduction to the game of hockey, uniting children across barriers, while encouraging social, emotional and physical inclusion.

Slap Shot teaches our participants that utilizing good character attributes will enable them to achieve their full potential, not only in sport but in their personal relationships and success.

Character Community Podcasts Program

As children and youth face serious social pressures due to increasing hate crimes, mental health issues and addictions, our Youth Podcast program addresses the social justice issues affecting them today.

A bi-weekly podcast, available on all streaming platforms, this program features youth guests sharing their lived experiences with racism, bullying, discrimination, mental health struggles and other relevant issues.

The podcasts provide a platform for youth to have their voices heard. This program educates and engages youth to work together to gain knowledge, develop strategies, make positive life decisions, and become community leaders.